Freelance Kitson-Type Tram Body Kit

Originally sketched up as a one-off in styrene simply to showcase our four wheel connecting rod chassis, this has attracted such interest that we now intend to produce a kit. The photograph shows the original mockup which lacks glazing, water tanks etc that will naturally appear on the production version. The kit will be manufactured in laser cut styrene with resin boiler and other details, and be able to be built with either short or long skirts allowing a choice of mechanisms.

Target price for an economy version, using a 45mm gauge USA trains power block, and needing only assembly, paint and couplings to complete, is under 100. Price with our own con-rod power truck (as shown) will be approximately 180, and body will also be available separately for those who wish to supply their own chassis. Photos of the production test-build along with confirmed pricing should be available during April, and supplies of the kit from the end of the month onwards.