Resin D'Etre is a UK Company formed by Jonathan Joseph to design and manufacture model railway equipment, primarily for 45mm gauge, but also for some of the 32mm gauge scales. is the parts and scratchbuilding supplies division of the company.

Jonathan is a professional engineer of over twenty years experience, with a wide grounding in many different production technologies. He also has a long-standing interest in railways, and for several years his scale drawings and accompanying articles have appeared in Railway Modeller under their "drawn and described" banner.

The philosophy behind our models is simple - they should be as accurate as is economically viable, and robustly engineered to perform reliably, being easily serviced well into the future. Where production of a model necessitates changes compared to a perfect scale reduction of the full size prototype, whether these are minor or major, we will make them public, so that the modeller can make an informed choice. In every case, whether the item is a detailed prototype model, or freelance body kit, our manufacturing emphasis will be on making the parts themselves to the highest possible standard, so that customers can have total confidence in the quality of the product they buy.

The company also undertakes commissioned third party projects in any combination of prototype research, design, prototyping
and manufacture.

Design and Prototyping for Isle of Man Railway Van in 15mm/ft, for 45mm and 32mm Gauges.