Ready-to-Run Piko Locomotives

Siemens Dispolok Br.182 Bo-Bo electric (1/27th, G1.5)

The Br182 is the German registered version of Siemens' dual-voltage ES64U2 'Taurus' locomotive, of which nearly 400 have been built. This particular machine was built in 2004 for Siemens' own Dispolok hire fleet. In 2005 it served as one of two prototypes for the 'Bosporus Sprinter' and re-emerged from the MAV works in Budapest carrying an extra pantograph, multiple sets of different safety/signalling equipment, and was eventually renumbered ES64U2 060.

The model (Piko #37411) is brand new and fully warrantied, and has only been removed from its packaging for photography and testing. The loco also includes to freelance centre-buffer beams to allow it to operate as a freelance narrow gauge locomotive.