Hartland Locomotive Works - 45mm Gauge Interurban Motor Blocks

These self-contained power trucks are used by Hartland under their interurban models, and are pretty much the shortest units currently available - ideal for trams, interurbans and critters. Wheelbase is just 2.5 inches (63.5mm), with 29.3mm wheels - see the datasheet for details.

The units pick up on all wheels, and drive on both axles. Please note that the axle ends are NOT suitable for use as journals, and the unit should be supported using the the centre pivot or mounting tabs provided.

Bogie/Truck mounting is easy, just slide the pivot through a 9.5mm hole in the vehicle floor and then lock it with the pal-nut provided (as on the right-hand block above, but supplied with all units). Also shown on the right-hand block are Hartland's interurban truck frames, £7.50 per pair.

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HLW Interurban Truck

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63.5mm wheelbase

Power trucks and motor blocks are all in our £5 Shipping band for any combination and quantity, see the purchase page for details.